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Tai Chi is at once a study of movement and a meditative art. It is a martial art that has been practiced since before the 12th century in China, and can be seen as a slow motion routine that millions of people practice together every morning in parks around the world. It is an art that harmonizes the body and mind, and cultivates a state of balance.


Tai Chi has many health benefits, including improved blood circulation, boosting the immune system, and stress reduction. Mental focus is improved by directing the movements with the mind and focusing on the moment. Tai Chi is a cardiovascular work out which focuses on using the core. Joint mobility increases by using a natural range of motion over a period of time. The meditative aspect of Tai Chi helps to clear mental and emotional stress, while the movements help to clear physical stress; and promotes the movement of chi or energy in the body.


Although the origins of Tai Chi Chuan may go back thousands of years, it is said that Tai Chi Chuan was founded on Wudang Mountain by the legendary Zhang San Feng. He was a Taoist Monk who may have lived in the 10th or 12th century. He is credited with originating the concepts of “neijia”; or internal martial arts, specifically Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi Chuan is part of an oral tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. As it has been passed down through the ages, five major family styles of Tai Chi Chuan developed, including Wu Style Tai Chi. Wu Style was founded by Master Wu Ch’uan – Yu (1834 – 1902). It is said to be more martial and is known for neutralization of an opponent’s force. The Wu Style Tai Chi taught by Daniel Lee is also known as Practical Tai Chi Chuan, and Wudang Tai Chi Chuan.



BEING BALANCE Tai Chi Classes:


      Square Form: The Square Form is the beginning Hand Form, meaning a series of flowing martial movements without weapons. This purpose of this form is to learn correct posture, stance, and coordination.


      Round Form: The Round Form is the advanced Hand Form. Students learn to make the techniques flow with more circular motions and details.


      Saber: Also known as the Tai Chi Dao, the Saber is a sword with one sharp edge. The form is lively and the student learns to execute the movements with Jing or power through the weapon.


      Tai Chi Nei Kung: Tai Chi Nei Kung is the internal strength training. There is a 12 movement Yin Set and a 12 movement Yang Set. The movements have therapeutic, meditative, and self defense aspects; and are part of “inside the door” training. The real Tai Chi Nei Kung is extremely rare and few people know how to teach it authentically.


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6 Healing Sounds/Inner Smile- These meditations transform negative emotions into positive vitality. In traditional Chinese medicine, each organ is the house of a positive and negative emotional quality. This meditation involves connecting with the organs, working to accept any negative emotions, and transforming any negative energy into the positive virtue energy. The purpose of this meditation is to balance the energy of the organs, transform any negative energy, and to promote emotional and physical balance within the body.


Micro Cosmic Orbit (Small Heavenly Circle)- In contemporary life, sedentary lifestyles, stressful work patterns, and unnatural diet can result in the gradual accumulation of blockages to the circulation of our Chi or life force energy. In this traditional Taoist meditation, we use our internal focus to move energy in a simple orbit through our body.  The "Opening of the Orbit" is an important and tangible form of self-healing that can reverse much of the wear and tear from modern living and prevent many problems thought of as inevitable. It is also a strong foundation for other Tao internal practices and Chi Kung.


The Microcosmic Orbit is a form of meditation that combines deep breathing exercises with meditative techniques. It works with the meridian (energy channel) that runs up the back to the crown of the head, and down the midline of the body. This meditation involves cultivating, refining, circulating, and storing chi in the body.




Tao Yin Yoga is a restorative style of yoga. It focuses on making the spine flexible and soft, releasing the psoas muscle complex, and stretching the muscles and fascia in the body. The gentle movements of Tao Yin help to alleviate blockages in the meridian system, strengthen the body, cultivate tranquility of mind, and promote inner harmony.




Chi Kung is a form of energy-enlivening exercises originating in China. Practiced by millions around the world, it is considered an internal energy practice that has both health and meditative aspects.


Iron Shirt Chi Kung focuses on rooting energy into the earth. Students learn correct posture, alignment, and breathing techniques. Iron Shirt Chi Kung is great for developing tendon strength and general strength within the body, flexibility, boosting the immune system, clearing stress, and calming the mind.



HEALING LOVE – Sexual Energy Cultivation

Abundant sexual energy is crucial for health and balance. In many Taoist and Yogic traditions, the cultivation of sexual energy is a central practice used to increase the "life force" or chi to improve physical health and aid in spiritual development.


Healing Love is a practice that involves circulating, refining, and cultivating sexual energy in the body that can be stored or used for healing. The aim is to nurture and increase inner energy, balance hormones and emotions, slow aging and radically enhance overall health, as well as help people address conditions such as PMS, menopause, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction and chronic lack of energy.


Our vital energy, which we also call sexual energy or sexuality, is not really about sex. Healing Love should not be confused with Red Tantra. During class, one works on his/her own energy, and there is no sexual contact.) It is about fundamental life energy called Jing. Healing Love is the very powerful art of empowering this vital energy.